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Instead of “Are you ready to sit in front of my mirror?”, my first question should be “Do you have the courage to do that?”

Color analysis is to a large extent a process of confrontation with yourself. With your own ideas of yourself. With old habits. With concerns that you are not good / attractive / interesting enough. With your own mistakes and negligence.


What if it turns out that I’m actually boring and bland and I can’t do anything about it?

And that this spark inside me can not be revived anymore?

What will I do when it turns out that I should wear colors that I don’t like?

How can I handle segregation of clothes accumulated over the years?

Will I have to throw away my mother’s scarf and purse which I got as a gift from my husband, if they are in the wrong colors?


Sounds familiar, right? But if you feel that you lack energy and inspiration, then expecting that tomorrow this will change by itself is a delusion. All you have to do is to take the first step. In the gray neutral privacy of the walls of my studio we will deal with these fears and myths.

When we get to the end of the process and see the most perfect, truest version of yourself, in colors that repeat your natural design, then you will be no longer able to return to the original comfort zone. That zone will get a little tight and uncomfortable because new knowledge will feel like a pebble in a shoe.

You can bury your color palette at the bottom of the drawer. Or with almost religious zeal the next day after analysis, remove everything that does not match it from your wardrobe. Or you can find your way somewhere in between. One that will allow you to move at your own pace adapted to your lifestyle, personality and wealth.

Whatever your choice is, please remember that it is only yours. I’m not here to force you to throw away half your stuff. My goal is to show you your potential, to give you knowledge about yourself and the tools to maximize it. This knowledge brings independence from fashion trends, allows you to make conscious choices and gives you control over your own image.

I do not believe in effectiveness and sustainability of the results of “miracle diets” and “instant metamorphoses”. Therefore I can not promise you that transformation into a beautiful swan will happen overnight. It may take three months, but it may also take a year. When you start getting compliments regularly and passing the mirror say to yourself: “You rock, girl!”, then you know that you got there.

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