Style Strategy

Personal style

Individual 10-week style building program

A personal style is authentic only when it comes from who you are, that is, it connects the canvas given to you by nature (your body - its shapes and colors), your individual preferences and your lifestyle.
Style Strategy

effective strategy

Course price: PLN 3 700

Building a coherent, consistent and unique style requires a strategic approach – holistic, long-term and focused on achieving specific results.

Based on a proven methodology for building effective business strategies, my 10-week Style Strategy program will guide you through the process of defining your own style in a few steps:

  • to begin with, we will identify your style goals
  • then we will understand the internal factors, that is, the canvas that nature has given you in the form of colors and shapes
  • then we will define the external factors that shape your style (lifestyle, individual preferences, inspirations and dreams)
  • then we will choose the key elements of our style
    we’ll put them together to define your style
  • finally, we will make a plan to implement the strategy
  • (optional) if you run a business, we will discuss the impact of your personal style on the brand.
Style Strategy

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To discuss the detailed agenda of the program and find out if it is right for you, book an appointment for an interview in my calendar (Zoom).
Style strategy

Client's selected opinion

So all in all, although I wasn’t that great of a student and don’t follow many recommendations you gave me, the consultation still helped me a lot to start developing a conscious approach to clothing. I feel more confident shopping now and spend less time choosing what to wear, since I got more clothes in my wardrobe that I actually feel good wearing. There’s still some way to go to where I want to be, but at least I’m on the way and not lost at a crossroads anymore. Thank you for helping me get there!

Anna, Soft Summer, Yin Gamine, Germany

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