Personal Color Analysis

First step

Personal Color Analysis

Color analysis is the first step to changing your image. Well matched colors to our type of beauty will help us consciously buy clothes and emphasize our natural beauty.

During a 3-4 hour meeting in my studio, we will discover your color type using properly calibrated 12 Blueprints Test Scarves. I also have Luxurious Scarves and 12 Blueprints cosmetics to help you confirm your beauty type and make your color experience more complete. After the meeting, you will receive a personalized information package and practical tips on how to use this knowledge.

Color types

Luxurious scarves

What are they and how are they used in color analysis.

Contrary to the Test Scarves, they are not used to select the Season (i.e. the color type). The Test Scarves  sets for each of the 12 Tones count only 5 colors calibrated in such a way as to emphasize the differences between the color types, and thus facilitate the selection of the best palette. The Luxury Sets have 15-20 scarves and we use them when the Season is already known to understand how to use it in practice and adapt information about it to your individual needs.



Personal Color Analysis

I do enjoy my explorations, and while I'm still in process of coming to terms with my colors and training the eye to spot the potentially right ones, the color fan has already proven to be a big help in both shopping and outfit planning. Both things come much easier now than they were before, so I want to use this opportunity to thank you once again for the thorough and helpful analysis

Anna, Soft Summer, Germany


Personal Color Analysis

The search has found an answer, and it is thanks to you. Because you brought PCA with you at my hands reach I can breathe. I don't feel heavy, but strong. I don't feel awkward or inappropriate. I laugh freely. The expression in my face has changed because of that. I'm not in someone else's shoes, but mine, which are a perfect fit. I feel like myself inside and out, with a much wider horizon than I had ever longed for. So, thank you for making Colour Analysis a possibility for me

Isabel, True Winter, Spain


Personal Color Analysis

I'm amazed how much easier it is to look for the correct makeup and clothes already, even with little practice.

Anne, Bright Winter, Finland

Price and Range

Personal Color Analysis

PLN 600
  • knowledge of which color palette enhances your natural beauty and which colors you should avoid;
  • extended color spectrum of your Season in Luxury Drapes;
  • ability to recognize which colors evoke the “WOW effect”;
  • understanding the neutral colors that are optimal for your professional image and the best versions of white and black;
  • the most interesting color combinations within your palette;
  • Your optimal individual contrast level;
  • material textures that bring out your beauty;
  • over a dozen pages of information package about your color type in .pdf format;
  • photos in selected drapes of your Season;
  • tips to simplify shopping and wardrobe composition;
  • suggestions of the best hair colors (if you dye);
  • jewelry color and material recommendation;
  • recommendation of the best makeup colors;
  • possibility to try and buy makeup products mapped with your type;
  • access to a secret Polish-language group on Facebook, where you can get additional information and exchange experiences with others;
  • exercises in harmonizing clothing and cosmetics in my studio;
  • individual color palette of True Color International for additional fee of 250 PLN;
  • a guide in .pdf format to facilitate self-harmonization of clothing and cosmetics at home;
  • my support and advice to help you adapt to your Season in the next few months.
Personal Color Analysis

Make an appointment

Using the calendar on my website, you can choose the date that suits you and pay for the service with a quick transfer or Blik.

The 12 Blueprints color analysis is done only in person. For this unforgettable, eye-opening meeting, I invite you to my studio in the suburbs of Lodz.

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Cosmetics, T-shirts, stencils - all this matched to your color type!
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Products for your color type

From now on, in the Perfect Mood Board store you can filter products by your color type.
You don't have to wonder which colors are yours anymore - I did it for you!
See for yourself how easy it can be to shop at a store created by an image advisor for the convenience of its customers.

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