Personal Image Analysis


Archetypal analysis of body type

Each of us has innate proportions, shapes, scale and symmetry that can have Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Rebellious or Romantic character.

Being able to recognize and follow the lines of your body in order to translate them into styles of clothes that will fit them is the key to achieving harmony between who you are and what adorns you.


What does image analysis give you

Price of the service: 500 PLN

Archetype analysis will give you the answer to the question of what type of figure you have and how best to choose clothes and accessories for it. As a result of this analysis, you will receive theoretical knowledge and a guide that will help you make the best purchasing decisions for you.

Personal Image Analysis

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You can book the date of your Image Analysis in my online calendar. The analysis can take place in person (in my studio) or remotely (in the form of a video interview via Zoom).
Personal Image Analysis

Client's selected opinion

Thanks very much for doing my PCA.  I really enjoyed the whole experience and learnt so much.  And this is only the beginning, there is so much more to learn.  Mind you, I think I was a bit traumatised by the make up haha.  But seeing the photos, it’s definitely not too much so I’m going to have fun trying out the makeup at home. (…) Although I thought I had a fairly good idea of SSum before, it turns out I definitely need the fan.  I had assumed that if something was greyed/soft then it would be one of the soft seasons, depending on whether warm or cool.  However, the palette is warmer and darker than I expected, particularly the greys and blues don’t seem to get very cool, and I found myself reaching for things that were too light.  I did find one jumper in an amazing colour (almost exact match swatch) and was really amazed by how strong the colour actually seemed, much like the drapes. Soft Summer really isn’t grey and washed-out at all.

Martha, Soft Summer, UK



Personal Image Analysis

Thank you very much for the photos and info you sent me, and most of all for your time and hospitality yesterday! I had a very interesting and in some ways surprising experience but now the outcome is slowly starting to make sense : )

Nadine, Dark Winter, Yang Classic, Germany


Personal Image Analysis

So all in all, although I wasn't that great of a student and don't follow many recommendations you gave me, the consultation still helped me a lot to start developing a conscious approach to clothing. I feel more confident shopping now and spend less time choosing what to wear, since I got more clothes in my wardrobe that I actually feel good wearing. There's still some way to go to where I want to be, but at least I'm on the way and not lost at a crossroads anymore. Thank you for helping me get there!

Anna, Soft Summer, Yin Gamine, Germany


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