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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was…


… Julie.

I remember celebration of Julie’s 60. Birthday well. But she was not about to slow down. She kept planting flowers, going to theatre, riding a motorcycle and planning her camping trip to the national parks. She had a huge passion for life and desire to experience as much as she could of what it still had to offer to her. When she came to me for color analysis the drapes discovered Dark Winter in her. “You know, I have had a coat in this color once” she said looking at her 10 years younger reflection in the mirror in a gorgeous DW cobalt blue drape. “Never again I got so many compliments as when I used to wear it.”

… Monica.

Monica’s maternity leave was coming to an end so she decided it was time to prepare her closet for the return to corporate job. Apart from swapping (after)pregnancy clothing for something more dress code appropriate, Monica’s goal was to reduce the number of clothes she owned and to create a capsule wardrobe. She asked for my help to clean out her closet. “Wait” I said. “Let’s start with getting to know your natural coloring type”. From that point it was a piece of cake. A couple of weeks after her color analysis Monica reported getting rid of 2 bags of clothes. All the colors in her new palette perfectly harmonize with each other so now, while creating her capsule wardrobe, she does not have to worry whether individual pieces would work with the others.

… Margaret.

„That eggplant colored drape in one of the pictures you posted on FB” Margaret initiated our conversation. “I do not think I have ever worn a color like that”. A summer of changes was about to start for Margaret. Changes which required leaving the safe, warm but less and less inspiring comfort zone in which she had been living for a few years. She first matured to seeing herself in colors that she had never tried before due to her long term consistent style. It turned out that she had intuitively chosen many colors from her palette. But she could now say good bye to black and muted blues. And makeup? Well, in order to balance the depth of her eye color we needed 3 layers of lip gloss which looked scary in the tube…

… Dominique.

It is not easy for a young woman to be successful in a business world still dominated by men. Dominque’s concern was that she did not feel treated seriously due to her age by her business partners. Colors of Dark Autumn revealed a new face of Dominique – captivating, focused, and impossible to miss in the crowd. I watched her transformation over the next few weeks in the office. There was a growing aura of confidence and silent power around her. I have recently seen her engagement pictures. She looked gorgeous in a dress in her best version of white, jewelry of dark gold and warm, deep red lipstick which she would have probably never tried it if not for color analysis.


Tell me, how does your story begin? How can I help you to write its next chapter?

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