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Jedna kobieta w dwóch odsłonach. Co każda z nich komunikuje? Która jest bardziej obecna i wyrazista? Która jest bardziej pewna siebie? Która z nich wie kim jest? Nie potrzeba słów, zdjęcia mówią same za siebie. Zostawię cię z nimi teraz. Po prostu patrz i odczuwaj.

Uwagi: To jest 6. post z serii. Aby zobaczyć posty 1-4 „One woman, two versions” odwiedź stronę 12 Blueprints. Post numer 5 znajdziesz na stronie Colors By Hope.


  • 2017-09-11


    I love the photo of her on the left. She looks natural, healthy, and youthful. The one on the right she looks harsh, older, and cynical. Not sure which one I am „supposed” to like of her, but that is my personal take. 🙂 I understand her skin looks better on the right, but something is missing for me energetically that is captured on the left and not on the right…So I vote for neither, or somewhere in between.

  • 2017-09-12

    Name (required)Doe

    Red lippie is aging as is the foundation. A stain of the lippie or just blotting it on would be so much more youthful. Eyes are better on the left with maybe just some winged liner and a light shimmer shadow.

  • 2017-09-24


    Of course she looks better in the picture on the right! Makeup, however, does have the tendency to make us a little more sophisticated and less girly. She is no longer the girl next door, but a a very interesting and pretty woman to look at.

  • 2018-09-09


    I love your blog! thanks to Google translate I can also read the „Polish only” posts, and I find, there are some true gems of insight about color seasons in there! Thank you for that! I learned a lot!
    if I lived closers by, I would love to get my color/style analysis done by you.

    To the two picture above: I love the colors you wear in the second picture on you, but I find, something about the makeup ist quite spot on yet. I think a bit more color/structure for your eyebrows could work wonders! I looked at some other Fotos of you, and I often found the eyebrows a little to undefined. A little bit more visible and defined eyebrows would suit you really great, I believe. As a comparison : the pictures of you wearing those gorgeous sunglass is great! ( and I think it is due to more structure, that help emphasize the shape of your Face more.
    I’m not quite sure about the eyeshadow, but I think, that is mostly due to the fact, that Fotos tend to swallow a lot of makeup color, so what looks good in real life fades on camera and vice versa.


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